First and foremost we don’t sell UAV’s.  But we can tell you where to get the lowest prices. It’s not just one place it depends on what you want to buy as where you need to go.

Here’s some FREE advice. Whatever you don’t buy the DJI standard drone at Sam’s club. It looks identical to the other incredible DJI Phantom 3’s but it uses Wi-Fi as the transmitter and if you get 500 feet range your doing good. The other Phantoms go 3.1 miles!!!  I don’t need to go that far you say. Again this is where you need advice. It’s not about going that far it’s about having the power to bust through the hundreds of Wi-Fi routers in the neighborhood, so you don’t have a flyaway. There’s several other things about it also that are substandard but DJI needed to hit a price-point. Spend the extra $200! On another DJI Drone. Let’s talk about your needs then I can point you to a drone that’s right for you!

The full consultation as mentioned on the services page varies, from $99.00 to $295. We have a free half hour phone consultation so just give us a call!

A la carte consultations:

Demo Flight (no training, no hands on the controls) = $49.00 – The cost will be rebated if you take the full consultation. The cost is mainly to prevent no-shows.

1/2 hour phone conversation         = FREE

Pre-buy consultation.                       = $49.00

Intro Flight Lesson                            = $100.00

Calibration of the Compass              = $49.00 (included in the unboxing / setup)

Calibration of the IMU                      = $100.00 (included in the unboxing / setup)

Unboxing and one time set-up       = $175.00 – There a lot to do and we don’t leave till it’s done. High Speed Internet connection required.

One-time firmware update               = $75.00 it’s an hour process for us because we stay for the entire update which is about 20-30 min, then update the controller. (included in the unboxing / setup)

Recommendation of accessories    = $49.00 (included in the unboxing / setup)

Recommendation of Apps                = $49.00 (included in the unboxing / setup)

Dealing with ATC- Hobbyist             = $49.00 (No airspace discussion this is a 10 min phone call)

Dealing with ATC- Commercial       = $175.00 This you will need to be taught how to file a NOTAM. For a non-pilot this can get very involved. You’ll have to file one on every job you do. It’s very easy, if you know what you are doing. Don’t even think about trying to learn this on You tube and calling up flight service. You’ll just make the industry and your company look bad.

I promise to give you MORE than your monies worth. I often times won’t change anything for a service if you are purchasing another service. It just depends on your needs and my availability. I’m not in this for the money I’m in it because I love Drones and frankly it drives me crazy to see people spend $700-$2,000 on a drone then crash it because they did not read the manual or watch a tutorial video. Yes, they are automated and easy to fly AS LONG AS YOU’VE SET THEM UP PROPERLY! Like calibration, setting the return to home altitude etc. Then when the GPS fails, and the wind starts blowing the drone away people don’t know how to really fly them and again either loose them or crash them. It’s so simple if you know what to do. If you don’t you might as well burn $1,000 if something goes wrong. Do you know how to handle a fly away? Do you know how to handle emergency procedures? Say you can’t see it, and the return to home does not work, it’s happened to me. Do you know how to orient the drone to bring it home? You might think I’ll just pull the stick back towards me. Really? What if the drone is turned around backward? Pulling the stick toward you will send it further away. Do you have a tracking device on your drone? Do you even know where to get one? Do you know which one has no cellular service fee? Which one you can use on/for your kids? See you’ll make money hiring me in just the savings of accessories alone.