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Consultations, Mapping, Aerial Inspections

What do you cover in your Full consultations:

The Full Service Consultation Package

A complete pre-buy consultation- Don’t buy a drone until you talk to us first!

Evaluation of what you need a drone for or to do.

Recommendations of several of the most popular but more importantly the most reliable, and safest drones on the market.

A recommendation of a specific drone for you that fits your budget. Example: There are two models on the market now that do almost the exact same thing. One is $3,000 and the other of less than $800. This is also critical if you are planning on using your drone in any business application.

I have had many clients take back the drone they purchase because they had no idea it did not have specific capabilities on it, they would need in their application. Example: A Police Officer I was consulting originally purchased a drone without a vision position system. How are you going to fly inside with no satellite coverage without this system? You can’t. He had a new drone within 1 hour of our initial phone call.

How to register your drone with the FAA.
We’ll provide numerous websites and resources that will save you hours over having to learn it all yourself. We’ll also provide you with a list of FREE APPS that will complement your flying, from airspace, to weather, to distance calculations, to autopilots, to maps, and more!

Recommended accessories:
This is VERY important and should not be over looked. Similar to the example above you need certain things, that don’t come with the drone. We show you were to obtain them very inexpensively.

How to determine where you can fly legally?
Being Pilots we have access to resources that non-pilots don’t. We have websites that you can just type in your address or the address of your job site and see all the airspace around it. You instantly know if you can fly.

Emergency procedures:
How to save your UAV if it does a fly away. What if the return to home fails? Do you know how to get it back? What if it goes out of site? The range on the DJI Phantom is 3 miles!!

Tracking devices:
A must have in my opinion especially if purchasing an inspire 1. They are cheap. Plus you can use them on your kids, dog etc. They are not the answer to the above emergencies however.

Alacarte consultations:

  • Pre-buy consultation
  • Calibration of the compass
  • Calibration of the IMU
  • Unboxing and one time set-up
  • Recommendation of accessories
  • Recommendation of Apps
  • Dealing with ATC – Hobbyist
  • Dealing with ATC – Commercial

How to contact and talk to control towers or airport operations when you are flying within 5 miles of the airport. Yes you can do this, IF YOU LET THEM KNOW some specific factors. NOW it is NOT recommended for recreational flying but what if you have a job that is 4.4 miles from the nearest small airport. But you need to know what to tell them and then you need to be taught how to calculate what you need to tell them if you are not a pilot. Example. We’ll be on the 247 degree radial at 27 DME from the HOBBY Vortac. We’ll be 100 feet and below in a 1 NM radius from 2100-2300 Zulu. They will also ask you a few questions you better now how to respond to. You are talking to Flight Service, and your call will be input into the National Air traffic Control System. It will be seen by any Pilot doing flight planning anywhere near that area, from a Medical Helicopter to an airliner. By now if you are even thinking about getting your training from a NON-Pilot, think again. I would recommend a Private Pilot or better. Not a balloon pilot or a sport pilot.

We’ll cover airspace, the different types, and why you can and cannot fly in it. It will probably answer a few questions you’ve always had about the way they do things.

We’ll cover full set up of your drone, updating the firmware, calibration of the compass and IMU (Internal Measurement Unit) the computer brains of the aircraft. We do this in a teaching manner so YOU can do it the next time. We are always glad to do it for you, but there’s no reason you can’t do it once shown how.

We’ll cover emergency procedures, all the FAA rules and regulations for recreational flying and commercial flying. And please don’t rely on what you hear on the News or from a friend who has a friend who has a drone. The rules are changing FAST. Do you realize if your quad copter or Drone or UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) as you will refer to them going forward with ATC is considered a real aircraft if it’s over a half a pound. You are also considered the Pilot in command of that aircraft and responsible just like any other Pilot would be for the safe operation of it. You can and will also be held responsible for anything that goes wrong. You better be able to show due diligence by saying I took some training, from a Pilot, and that company should be respected. We’ll also cover how to deal with on – lookers both friendly and not so nice.

We’ll cover insurance. Currently we have a vendor that provides 2.5 million worth for $80.00 a year for non-business purposes. We’ll also cover affiliations, associations and continuing education you should be a part of. This also shows due diligence. We’ll show you where to find answers to hundreds of questions right on line 24/7 from other more experienced Pilots flying your exact model of aircraft for FREE.

We’ll ask you to watch a series of Videos that cover the operation of your specific make and model of UAV. You’ll have 24/7 accesses to these videos forever. They also cover specific pre-flight procedures, such as calibration so you can go back and refer to them later. Our goal is to teach you to do this yourself, and not have to come back to us for every calibration or firmware update.

There’s more but I think you get the idea. In just a few hours you will know more than most people selling these drones at places like Best Buy. Clients that opt for the full consultation also receive for no additional charge: 1 Foot cable that goes between the ipad and the controller. The strongest cable of it’s type available.

Aerial Inspections:

We do aerial inspections in varied fields:

  • Roof tops
  • Solar panel installations
  • Tower inspections
  • Cell-tower inspections
  • Crop inspections
  • Work field inspections

Any other type of inspection you will need from above …